W: 22 mm H: 200 mm D: 22 mm

A package that includes 10 candles with Råwerk logotype. The candles used for our candleholders need to be between 22-24 mm wide in diamaneter in order to fit between the array of nails. If you need extra candles  you can buy this package includes 10 candles. If you order a candleholder it will include 2 candles in the package.

Any candle that has the diameter between 22-24 mm can be used. Its the most common dimensions of candles and you will probably find candles in store nearby.

We are always interested in personalizing design, prints or special orders. Please send your thoughts and specification to and we will come back to you with a quotation.

The normal time of delivery are 2-5 days in Sweden and 7-14 days internationally. For more information on shipping and delivery times see terms & conditions