Here you might find some answer to your questions about our products. Since we are in an upstart we only got a few at the moment. If you do have any other thoughts, please send us your questions at 



It looks like all Candleholders are different. Some are darker other brighter. Why?

All Candleholders are oxidized by hand with different methods. Each oxidizing process creates various chemical processes depending on temperature, humidity and sunlight. The result will therefore become unique and you as a costumer can order the patina you like best.


I have realized that oxidation is an on-going process and you can’t stop it.

Yes that’s correct. Oxidation is a process that starts when material are in contact with oxygen. Normally it’s a very slow process for years. But you can also control the process by using different substances like vinegar, lime, saltwater and baking powder. The process can quickly slows down when you clean it with water. Although the oxidation might slightly shift over years to come.


How do I clean my candleholder from stearin on my copperplate?

Do not scratch the surface with any sharp tool or object. It will leave marks. Just use hot water and let the stearin melt. Black soot on the nails can be cleaned and wiped with hot water and a small cloth. We do recommend you to leave all stearin and dust and let it create a patina it self.


How do I clean my candleholder?

The drip-tray can easily be removed and be cleaned under water. If you placed some sand in the drip-tray you will be able to just take out the dry stearin by hand. The iron and copper plates will oxidize more and faster if you frequently clean it with water. We would recommend you to leave all stearin and dust and let it create a patina it self


What are included in the candleholder?

In the Candleholder package we include: One candleholder with drip-tray, one iron matchbox, two candles and one pair of mounting gloves.


How do I mount the candleholder on the wall?

Mount the candleholder #45 in the upper corners with the appropriate screws. In the packages come two black screws for wood and concrete.
We simply cannot cover all the different technical solutions and can therefore not be held accountable for damages caused by erroneous mounting.


Where should I mount my candleholder?

Mount the candleholder approximately 1 meter from all other objects – especially flammable ones. We also recommend – for best effect – that you only use one candle, placed in the middle row of nails.


What kind of candle should I use?

The distance between the nails are 22mm and therefore all candles with diameter between 22-24mm will work. The friction between nail and stearin holds the candle on place. Do not use eccentric shaped candles or less then 22mm thick. They might fall out and start a fire.
Do not force wider candles in the array of nails. They might bend the nails and destroy the elasticity in the nails


Can I buy more candles from Råwerk?

Yes you can. For the moment it’s not available in the store, but mail us at and we will give you a quote.


Where can I buy candles?

Most candle manufactures produce candles in dimension 22-24mm. look in nearest warehouse.


Can I buy stones or sand for the dip-tray?

We don’t offer that for the moment. If you do have any specific wish we will try to help you. Contact us at


How heavy is the candleholder?

The candleholder #45 weighs 6,5 kg, plus the weight of any extra sand or stones you add to your drop box. This means the mounting is very important, so make sure to check your wall construction and to use the appropriate method of mounting.


Does the candleholder get hot?

The most of the heat from the candles will be above and not to the side. Check so that there are no flammable objects in close proximity to the candleholder or in the drop-box. And do not leave it unattended or in a room with children.
When approximately 2 cm remains of the candle, it will fall into the drop-box. We recommend that you change the candle before this happens.


Can I place more than one candle?

Yes! The array of nails allows you the place the candles the way you like.
Do not place candles on top of each other.


What happen with the stearin?

The stearin will trickle down in the drip-tray
The drip-tray is easy to remove and clean – please only use plastic tools under hot running water. When approximately 2 cm remains of the candle, it will fall into the drip-tray. We recommend that you change the candle before this happens.


How do I mount the candles?

Push the candle* vertically in between the nails. Apply the same pressure on the top and bottom of the candle – the friction from the nails will hold the candle in place. Make sure that you push candle far enough for the friction to grab hold. Please use the attached gloves – the nails are quite sharp.
*Please use the Råwerk candle or candles with dimension of 22-24 mm.


Are the nails sharp?

Yes! The nails are sharp to make the mounting easy. If you do feel afraid of changing or mounting candle, pleas use the attached mounting gloves.