IDNo. LWB2_19


H: 510 MM D: 70 MM
IDNo. LWB2_19

The Candleholder #45 is a handmade and numbered artwork from Bergslagen, Sweden. It’s made of metal and fits candles with diameter 22-24 mm. The COPPER version comes with its own unique and artistic patina. It has an oxidized back plate and a front plate in patinated copper, with 238 nails. The candleholder is also fitted with a drip-tray for trickling stearin. The tray can easily be removed and filled with sand, stones or any other inflammable objects, in order to make the cleaning easy. When lit, the candleholder will cast a fascinating pattern of shadows and light on your wall. A fairly dark room will maximise the effect.

The copper surface is patinated by hand and which means that their individual patina will differ and no one will look the same. Over time the patina might change – mainly due to air quality, humidity and exposure to sunlight. Each candleholder is a numbered artwork and weighs approximately 6,5 kilos.

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